Top Travel Marketing Trends For 2014

Top Travel Marketing Trends For 2014
Posted on Nov 21st 2013
Want to know what the online travel marketing industry has in store for 2014? Here are three key trends we think you should look out for…

Mobile Travel

At the end of last year, Google Travel estimated that around a quarter of all search engine queries related to travel were being made using a mobile device. The company predicted that this figure would climb to 40% by the end of 2013, but as it stands, it looks as though travel related mobile search will actually rocket to 50% by year’s end. That means one out of every two online travel searches are being made via a Smartphone, tablet or other mobile device! And these figures can only multiply as we enter 2014. 

TripAdvisor Remains On Top

TripAdvisor has steadily become a travel industry powerhouse since it branched off of Expedia almost three years ago. With an impressive 260 million unique visitors every month, the hotel review giant remains the first port of call for many of your guests before they make a booking decision. In the last 12 months, TripAdvisor has begun to integrate Metasearch, allowing consumers to easily compare room prices for its vast portfolio of properties based on location and arrival and departure dates. This functionality is sure to see the site enjoy further steady growth as travellers find all the information they need in a single, convenient place, and could also spell higher conversion rates for properties listed on TripAdvisor. 


This trend has been on the rise for a while now, but it looks set to soar in 2014: niche travel marketing. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, effective travel marketing is increasingly about finding ways to target the needs of specific groups and communities within your guest demographic. These niches include so-called ‘Mommy bloggers;’ the social media savvy, but time-pressed stay-at-home mums now at the core of family holiday decision making; ‘Millenials’ aged between 18-30 who expect to be able to remain digitally connected at all times, and multigenerational family groups travelling together. 
Have you noticed any other trends in travel that could be important in 2014? Let us know in the comments below. 
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