The Hotel Photos Your Guests Most Want To See

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Posted on Dec 11th 2013

When your guests are scouring the web for the perfect property for their next holiday, great hotel photography catches their eye and gets them daydreaming about their break. But what visuals are most likely to get travel shoppers pulling out their credit cards ready to make a booking?

Here are the top 5 images your resort’s online marketing campaign can’t afford to do without.

1.    Guest Rooms

Unsurprisingly, your guests want to know where they’ll rest their head during their breaks. Industry research has shown that guestrooms are the number one most viewed images by travellers planning their holidays online and a major deciding factor when it comes to making a booking. With this in mind it goes without saying that you should include plenty of large, high quality photos showing off your different room types on your resort’s website, TripAdvisor and anywhere else your property is listed.

2.    Recreational Facilities

Does your resort feature a state of the art gym? An onsite sauna? Is there a renowned local golf course nearby? Your guests want to know how they can relax and unwind during their stay with you, so show them - with carefully selected images of the recreation facilities you and the local area have to offer.  

3.    Reception Area

The reception area forms your guests’ first impression of your property when they arrive for check-in. Online, photos of your resort’s welcoming entrance area make an important statement about the kind of property you are and the image you project to the world

4.    Exterior

Give guests a visual idea of your property and surrounding area by including photos of your façade on a sunny day. 

5.    Bar/Restaurant

If you offer the convenience of an onsite bar or restaurant, your guests want to know about it. Show them where they can unwind with a cold drink at the end of the day by including at least one shot of your dining/lounge area, preferably with a few guests included in the photo to give the impression of a lively, inviting space potential guests can easily imagine slotting into.

High quality photography helps guests imagine what it would be like to stay at your property and gets them excited to book. Have you included high quality images of these rooms and facilities in your resort’s websites and social media accounts? Let us know in the comments below.

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