The Facebook Fan Page got revamped!

Posted on Feb 18th 2011

Recently, Facebook announced a major change to boost its fan page with the goal of improving its marketing capability. Earlier this week, the social networking giant also allowed marketers to advertise their stories or blogs on their page. This means that accommodation managers can easily manage their marketing strategies through these fan pages. Facebook have created built-in web templates designed to make communication with fans very easy. 

Pages Become More Like Profiles 

Resort managers are reported to have on-going issues when using the Facebook as a business communication platform. Yes, they can have pages, share updates, and attract fans, but that’s about it. Fan Page functionalities are limited while there are countless potentials that can be maximised. But with the changes recently announced, better marketing features can be included within Facebook’s system.  For instance, administrators can represent their business page and not their personal profile when commenting. For those that use their personal profile to administrate pages, this will come as a huge relief. This is a significant development for hotel marketers as they now have added opportunities to engage their guests and potential clients using the social network sites.   

What’s more? Facebook had added Sponsored Stories functionality for marketers using its self-service ad platform. Sponsored Stories can aid hoteliers promote their fan pages, create and display ads on Facebook, and now allow page admins to add additional distribution of page stories as well as user updates. And the cost is the same as their traditional counterparts when targeted to the same audience. 

New Page Design 

Now, resort Facebook pages will look a lot like redesigned personal profiles. This will enable marketers to customise their pages because they can now feature photos at the top of their pages, feature the admin/s and highlight other connected pages. The photos can show your hotel services, and screen shots. Facebook also had moved the navigation page to the left side bar. 

New Filters 

Facebook also introduced an added filter “Everyone” that is designed to allow users to see the most relevant posts on the first page. To try the new “Everyone” filter, you’ll need to allow posts from fans by changing your page settings. They also added a place where hoteliers can discover common interest with potential guests. 

Use of iFrames  

Starting March 11, 2011 Facebook Markup Language (FBML) will be phased out and replaced by iFrames.  This means that hoteliers will use iFrames to build custom tabs for their FBML. As a result, they can use their own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) -the code used to determine the look and formatting of their resort page- and because of this they can customise their tabs according with their hotel brand guidelines and design. Also, with iFrames, you can use your own web analytics and lead tracking software so you can better leverage your Facebook marketing efforts. And with iFrames you can easily add your hotels product pages to your Facebook page and create calls-to-action that will drive more sales directly through Facebook fan page. Consequently, Facebook users can shop for your products without leaving the page. 

Marketing Boost 

Resort manager will be very happy with the newly announced functionality. You can review these features by clicking the link at the bottom of the announcement page. But before upgrading your Fan page, you must be aware that the new design will require you to update custom tabs that you now have on your page. And when you have upgraded your page, make certain that the images you display are relevant and at the top of your page that you want to appear as this will be the deciding factor for your potential guests to continue navigating your fan page. 

Facebook offers a lot of tools to customise your hotel’s fan page. It’s important you keep up with the latest tools to help increase your Social presence. 

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