Promoting your Specials in eTourism Online

Posted on Oct 3rd 2012

At eTourism we are constantly looking at ways to improve how we promote specials and grow your sales.  

In our latest upgrade, we have added in ‘Flames’ to promote your specials in the booking engine. This is something that we have been using in eTourism Holidays and due to client requests, we have now made this available in your eTourism Online booking engine. 

How to use?

To enable this feature, simply go the package setup of the desired package that you wish to show the ‘Flames’ and turn the option to YES Packages/Rates > MODIFY on the desired package > Package Options and Rules > Is this a special? 


If you would like to more information on this feature or anything to do with eTourism Online, please call our Support Team on 1300 551 448 or

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