Pinterest - The Internets Favourite New Social Media Site

Pinterest Scnreenshot
Posted on Apr 12th 2012

Pinterest is the latest social media network taking the world by storm, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, well, you should. 

The new social network site lets users collect and share pictures by ‘pinning’ them on digital pinboards. Much like Tumblr, Pinterest is a visual blogging platform that allows you to post your own images as well as pictures you find around the web within a few clicks of the mouse. It is a kind of virtual scrapbook dedicated to anything you want to collect or save for later consideration, from home décor ideas to holiday destinations. 

Pinterest’s straight forward visual appeal has won it a lot of fans, and fast – it has a total of 17.8 million members registered to date and has been named as the fastest growing website of all time. The site’s potential for driving endless word of mouth product referrals has not been overlooked. Companies of all sizes and varieties are beginning to take the benefits of being ‘pinned’ seriously, and are cashing in on the rewards. 

You can read a more in-depth discussion with Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann and more insight on how the site could affect your resort’s digital marketing campaign.

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