Optimise Your Resort's Landing Pages

Posted on Aug 23rd 2010

Landing pages have become a standard marketing practice for anyone attempting to increase conversion.  They are essentially the page where someone lands after clicking links in a newsletter or online ads.

But to be effective, there’s a bit of art and science to what makes a landing page work, so testing and tweaking will always be required.  In the end, conversion, the change from visitors to subscribers, enrollments and buyers, is the true measure if your landing page achieved its purpose.

Here are some tips on how you can optimise your landing page.

Focus on one thing.

We know you have a lot to offer but your landing page is to do one thing and one thing only – ie: get them to subscribe on your newsletter, download your travel guide, or purchase accommodation.

It’s also a good idea to have specific landing pages for each ad you are running as conversions may increase when the landing page copy specifically matches the ad copy that brought them there.

Simply put, it’s advisable to have a single call to action and don’t try to introduce other possible options or your prospective customer might find your landing page confusing.

Do trial and error.

Test different combinations of content on you page to see which works the best for its viewers.  One of the easiest ways to do this is using Google’s Website Optimizer tool that offers simple A/B testing. If you are using Google AdWords, or any other online advertising platform, make sure you are tracking individual ad conversions as well.

Use cool videos.

A number of marketing studies claim that video on landing pages increases conversion. People or your prospective guests tend to respond more positively when the message is explained thoroughly through sounds and visuals.  Videos are just more engaging than simple page with text.

Be straightforward.

Make clear-cut instructions on what you want the visitor to do and how they can do it. Add videos, audio, arrows or buttons to direct the person to your purpose. Limit any data collection to name and email because people tend to lose interest when a lot of information is being asked from them.

Have sharing options.

You would want happy website visitors to tweet, share and forward your page to their online communities. Add as much social networking functionality as possible. This is where the landing page services can come in handy.

Learn to say thank you.

Gratitude can take you a long way so it is good to have a thank you page at the end of every conversion (i.e. sign up, subscription, booking, etc.).  As a bonus, you can offer added engagement by giving out an unexpected freebie like an ebook or wallpaper


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