Opening Up - Tactics to Achieve Higher Open Rates

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Posted on Feb 22nd 2013

Pick me, pick me! It’s the endless task of trying to get subscribers to not only open your emails but also to take action. In the second half (July - December) of 2012, Unique Open Rates across the board were reported at 21.95% (Source:, basically unchanged from the first half (January - June, 2012) and the Tourism Industry reported only a slight increase of +0.05%.  So what can we do to change this? Let’s discuss. 

Eye Catching Call-To-Actions
Sure, a picture says a thousand words, but will it sell a thousand rooms? Unlikely. But, something as simple as ‘25% Off All Apartments - 7 Days Only’ is definitely going to gain some genuine interest. Creating a sense of ‘urgency’ or an offer too good to resist is a great tactic to get subscribers opening your emails and clicking through to find out more about what is on offer. As obvious as a ‘Click Here For More Information’ button may be, readers will often follow through on this rather than having to search for a link or page themselves. Instruction = Interest. 

This also goes for subject lines. This is the first thing subscribers see so you need it to grab their attention. If your subject line does not coincide with the copy following inside your email, it is just a waste.  

When Less is More
It’s true, when it comes to email marketing, less is simply more. Subscribers do not want, nor need to be bombarded with bulk and junky copy, a gallery of images and 10 different offers, it’s just confusing and loses the attention of the intended audience. The aim is to set just one goal, for us this is to achieve bookings. So keep it basic - some information on your hotel or resort, local attractions and 1 or 2 appealing offers. Offering too many options may just lead to readers choosing none at all. 

Free for All 
‘FREE’ ahh that magical word, this is sure to grab some attention. Now, we’re not saying offer free getaways, but keeping a connection or relationship with your subscribers is one of those important elements to gaining bookings in the long run. Instead of an email with just deals and packages, why not offer guests something for free for their next stay. Free Wifi (everyone loves Wifi), Free Dinner Voucher, Free Mini Golf, even something as simple as Free Beach Towel hire. From experience anything for ‘FREE’ is a definite winner with me. 

So now it’s your turn, for your next email marketing campaign don’t forget to keep these tactics in mind: Call-To-Action, Less is More and Free Connections!

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