Mobile Compatible Website - New Years Resolution

Posted on Dec 7th 2011

There’s no question that mobile devices have become a staple in everyday living around the world. With the number of Smartphones and other mobile devices being used on the rise, there comes a corresponding growth in mobile Internet browsing.

In 2009 mobile browsing represented 0.7% of worldwide browsing activity and by August 2011 that number jumped to 7.1%. That is an increase of 1000%. 

This growth is partially due to faster mobile networks and steady smart phones sales; however the usage frequency per user has also seen a sizable increase. Researchers have estimated that in 2011, 25% of mobile users (1 in 4) expect to access the web from their mobile device at least once a day. It is also projected that by 2014, mobile Internet use is going to take over desktop Internet usage. WOW! 

In a day when web access is clearly important no matter where you are, the ability for your customers to access your site at their convenience is vital. However, making your site user friendly on a computer is one thing - making sure your site is available from a mobile platform is another. Currently only around 5% of online businesses have a mobile compatible website.  

Creating a mobile version of your site doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. In fact it’s typically just a smaller version of your existing website with a more simplistic design. Here are some points to consider: 

Bad Viewing Experience-
Have you tried loading a website using your smart phone and it just doesn’t look right? Have you had to zoom in and out to find the information? Have you ever clicked on the wrong link because the font is small because it’s optimised for a desktop computer? What about load times, mobile phones traditionally don’t have the same Internet access speeds as a desktop? 

A website created specifically for mobile usage loads faster, uses the correct size font and only displays necessary information for quick browsing. No need to zoom in and out or any chance of clicking the wrong link.  

Search Engine Results-
Search engines are now indexing mobile websites independently to desktop websites. This is impacting search results when users are performing a search on a mobile device. If we know that one half of local searches are performed on a mobile device and search results are impacted by mobile websites - doesn’t it make sense to get a head start on your competitors and increase sales, generate more traffic and boost customer engagement? 

Building a mobile compatible website should be the number one New Years resolution for your Resort. If you’re using the eTourism Content Management System you already have a mobile compatible website included at no additional cost. See our blog post eTourism Releases Mobile Interface for CMS Customers for more information.

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