Marketing With Social Media? Try Some Local European Networks

Posted on Mar 12th 2010

For online marketers, optimizing for social media has become not just interesting, but a must. All major search engines have embraced social media. And with Google incorporating Facebook content into its real time results the integration of social media and search is a fact.

But social media is not just a “stand alone” feature. Many search marketing agencies already offer social media optimization services and the number of “social media experts” on Twitter is countless. The optimization done by the “experts” typically focuses on sites like Facebook, Twitter and of course YouTube. When it comes to Europe, however, there are many more choices.

Europeans are getting more social minded every day. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Europe will be spending a lot more time interacting with social media in 2010. European companies are said to be using social media mainly for research purposes and to drive product sales. European users meanwhile are spending more and more time on the web and in particular on social media sites.

Facebook is the leading social network in the US, but it is experiencing rapid growth throughout Europe. According to comScore Facebook is the most popular social network in 11 out of 17 European countries. Other social networks are feeling the pain of the Facebook growth but still play an important role.

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