Making the Most of Your Channel Manager

Posted on Jul 4th 2012

We often get asked a lot of questions about how you connect your channel manager to eTourism Online.

eTourism Online works with the major & most popular channel managers in the marketplace including Siteminder, Resonline, HiSite, Ezychannel & Update 247.

How do I Connect to my Channel Manager?

Each channel manager that connects to eTourism Online has a slightly different way to connect, but they all require your property ID. This is found in the information area below your menu in your eTourism Online extranet. Please contact our support team to advise which channel manager you wish to connect to, so that we can give that channel manager access to your account. Your login details will not automatically allow access to the channel manager of your choice.

When you are connected to eTourism Online, the eTourism system has no control over the rates and allotments that are fed to our system. Is it important that you maintain vigilance of your rates being sent to eTO. 

Updating Rates & Allotments

The nature of our channel manager connection allows us to receive ALL data from your desired channel manager account. Please ensure that you only update your allotments & rates in your channel manager and not in eTourism Online. Should you experience any differences between the two systems, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please note; if you have a cancellation in your eTourism Online system, it will automatically reinstate the allotment/s in, however the channel manager will need to be updated manually and will not have the allotment added back in.

Listing Rooms on eTourism Online

It is particularly important that you ensure that ALL of your room types and rates are setup on eTourism Online before attempting to map your rooms in your channel manager.

This can be easily setup in your Packages/Rates menu in your eTourism Online Extranet, by clicking ‘Add Last Minute Package’ and completing all the desired information including minimum nights and included guest values.

Once this is done, you should be able to see the package in your channel manager for mapping.

If you are part of the Boost Direct program, it is part of your agreement that ALL your rooms types and rates are the same as your 3rd party websites, so please ensure that everything matches up to ensure maximum exposure.

Important Tip: Make sure that the room type names you have setup in your eTourism Online match a very similar room type name in your channel manager. This will help you to correctly map your room types.

If you are interested in finding out more information about eTourism Online or how to get on our Boost Direct program, please contact us.

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