Make Your Blog Posts Travel-Friendly

Posted on Aug 13th 2010

It is common for hotels and resorts to post a lot of content online to attract various travellers to their location.  From travel itineraries to personal stories or even fun hotel trivia, hotel operators can repurpose their content into something that their prospective guests can access even while on the road.

For example, if you have travel guides or hotel brochures that are posted online, make sure to have a downloadable version in PDF format.  It makes your content print-friendly (which is essential for those who prefer to read “normal” books while travelling) and also makes it easy to read on mobile devices such as the iPad.

You may also want to turn your travel tips and travel stories to podcasts which your guests can download and save on their mp3 players and listen while in flight or in the beach. To make it more fun, you can even make suggested vacation playlist and name it after your hotel (i.e. The White Hotel Summer Music Mash).

It is also advisable to make a mobile version of your website so they can access your site while they’re on the road.  This is good if they want to make last minute booking changes or just browse your photo gallery.

So be creative and optimise your usual blog posts by turning them into a more travel-friendly content.

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