Make Use of Your Built-In Newsletter Tool

Posted on Nov 3rd 2010

In the time of Twitter, Facebook and Web 2.0, most people see publishing a newsletter as an old-fashioned, inefficient way to communicate with their desired audience. But the more savvy resort marketers realise that the benefits of a well-written, attractive e-newsletter can be a powerful tool to stay in touch with their existing and prospective guests.

At eTourism we recognise the great benefits of sending an e-newsletter which is why we decided to create a built-in Newsletter service for our clients.  They don’t have to be Internet experts to understand the straightforward user interface that the e-newsletter system has.  In as easy as a few clicks, resort managers can make a newsletter out of the existing content they have written for their website or blog.

With e-newsletters, resort managers can enhance their reputation and increase lead generation as a newsletter conveys that your resort reaches out to their past and prospective guests instead of waiting for them to do so.  It opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with you and for you to promote dialog with your clients. And just like a phone call from an old friend, a newsletter is a welcome "interruption"---a pleasant reminder that the reader is thought of. This gentle form of "interruption" is also a subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminder of the reason they need what only you can deliver.

An e-newsletter provides instantaneous tracked results via the integrated stats module or Google Analytics for tracking the activity if an online call to action is followed. And because it’s tracked, it can quickly identify problematic areas (bounce rate, open rate, etc.) so an effort can be made to correct them and resend them.  It has been proven that e-newsletters provide a higher response rate because they are being sent to a more receptive audience, past guests and opt-in subscribers.  Resort managers can send out newsletters on various topics such as thanking recent guests and offering special rates and discounts on their next booking, their monthly specials and limited time offers.

So there’s really no reason not to capitalise on this feature built into eTourism Online or our website Content Management Systems.  If you’re a customer and haven’t tried using the built-in e-newsletter, don’t wait any longer. Give it a go!  If you’re not an eTourism Online customer but would like more information, visit eTourism Online Free Trial.

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