Mac Users Spend More on Hotels

Posted on May 24th 2012

In an attempt to understand the travel planning behaviour of its customers, Orbitz have discovered a surprising fact: Mac users are 40% more likely to book a 4 or 5 star hotel than their PC using counterparts. The findings are being used along with a mountain of other data to provide more personalised recommendations for customers using Orbitz sites to plan their trips. 

Until recently, a Traveller viewing a property’s page on an Orbitz site has been provided with a list of recommended alternative nearby hotels based on the viewing and booking behaviour of other customers. The company is now able to personalise this list even further by taking into consideration whether the customer is using a Mac or a PC to access the site.  

Have a look at CEO Barney Harford’s blog post to find out more about Orbitz’s effort to improve and personalise the booking experience.  



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