Is Google TV the Next Cool Thing for Your Resort?

Posted on Oct 21st 2010

Google TV has finally unveiled it's first set top box to the public.

A set top box enables regular TV sets to access digital content from Google.  It’s like having a box to access cable TV channels, only now it’s Internet content.  You can watch streaming movies, live webcasts, or just about any online content on your very own TV screen.  Most new TV sets have a set top box built in that can access the Internet.  Google is launching a line of new Android-powered television sets that can search the Internet, programme guides and find all video connected to a request that is entered into a search bar at the top of the screen.

Furthermore, consumers will be able to search for their favourite television programs and Websites on the same screen, at the same time. This means that Google TV will make it possible for consumers to search the Web, access Facebook and watch films on YouTube in the comfort of their lounge rooms. Twitter and a number of music sites such as Napster, Pandora and Vevo, have also designed features for the system.

There are three products that make use of the Google TV software: the Logitech Revue, a set-top box; the Sony Internet TV, an HDTV with the  a built-in Operating System; and the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player, a Blu-ray player with full Google TV support.

In a nutshell, Google TV is based on an open approach to online content and has the philosophical view that a person should be able to view anything from the Internet on a TV. Google TV does offer user interface shortcuts to movie services, music, pictures etc.

More than simply a video and TV manager, Google TV adds in the ability to search for videos and integrate the Internet and television into one hub for just about anything you can think of doing on the Internet.

Will you be the first to offer Google TV for in-room use? Not convinced yet if your resort should start offering Google TV to your guests?  Then learn more about Google TV by watching this video:

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