Improve Your Hotel's Social Media Presence in Just 10 Minutes a day:

Posted on May 6th 2010

Social Media is steadily taking over marketing practises in businesses everywhere. If you’re still not convinced that social media marketing is the way, here are a few simple reasons why spending just 10 minutes a day on it, can improve your Hotel’s online visibility.

Social Media is just for large companies: MYTH!

For small businesses, social media is a low-cost way to generate true return of investments.  Many companies believe that Social Media marketing is something that can only benefit large corporations. Many companies’ owners are under the false pretence that spending a little bit of time each week on social media is a waste of time that could be better spent. These business owners couldn’t be more wrong!

Social Media, your Hotel and the 5 musts:

1.     Create and maintain an online presence – we have discussed previously how creating an online presence for your hotel can help you generate more business. Further to this, maintaining an online presence would allow you to connect with like minded businesses (such as other hotels or associated business) and share ideas with them. This could potentially open up new avenues to you – all at the click of a mouse! Building partnerships with other similar businesses through social networking sites can lead to additional revenue! 

In a recent article by Spencer Kollas, Director of Delivery Services and eager internet enthusiast, he discussed the positives of opening your business up to benefits of social marketing. He gave an example of how his wife’s company via her twitter account has entered into reciprocal referral contract with a like minded business. The new venture his wife has entered into (thanks to her husband’s rule of 10 mins of social media marketing per day), is generating a lot of new business for her company. 

2.     Don’t just create, EXPAND – The reason we suggest at least 10 mins a day, is that results do not happen over night. It’s a continuous effort. The key thing to remember with social media marketing is that the Internet changes constantly, the therefore you need to ensure your hotel and its online presence is providing new, and interesting information to its followers all the time. Being fresh, innovative and interesting are the key factors to consider! Ensure that a portion of your efforts are devoted to expanding your network via social media

3.     It isn’t always about the direct SALE - Marketing ROI doesn't always mean a direct sale. If you choose to engage with others through various marketing platforms, your hotel name and brand will be more recognisable, which will turn into more business and more sales.

 4.     Just 10 minutes a day can make a difference - By spending just a small amount of time each day, you can grow your network and grow your business. Spreading your time around sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ect. working on your hotels online presence and social network, WILL make a difference.  

5.     Remember its not always what you know but who you know." Social Media gives you the opportunity to reach out past your physical networks. In the ever changing and highly competitive society, having a social connection with someone could mean all the difference. Say someone who follows your hotel on twitter and a guest replied to a tweet of yours advising how lovely their stay was with you. Everyone else who follows them (and you) will see this positive buzz…. And this could lead to other people considering staying with you too. Really the options are endless when it comes to social media marketing!!  

We have said it before, and we will say it again, Social Media Marketing is the way of the future. Your hotel cannot rely on historical marketing concepts. They say word of mouth is a key factor behind 20 to 50 % of all sales. If this is indeed correct imagine the biggest mouth that has access to the whole world. That’s Social Media’s version of world of mouth!!  All it takes is 10 mins a day and you could be on your way to major success!!

So if you are still a Social Media Sceptic, I encourage you take inventory of your marketing efforts and at incorporate at least 10 minutes a day to your Social Media Marketing efforts.

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