How To Use SEO To Target Niche Guest Groups

How To Use SEO To Target Niche Guest Groups
Posted on Dec 11th 2013

Your resort’s website is the best tool at your disposal for driving online bookings, and as you know, SEO plays a crucial role in making sure as many of your guests as possible actually land on it.

Good SEO isn’t just about driving high volumes of traffic to your website; it’s about reaching the smaller, specialized segments of your guest base. For example, if a major music festival takes place in your city every year, your resort’s website should be optimised in such a way that it shows up for related search queries in search results. Likewise, if people use your property as a convenient stopover point when visiting relatives at a nearby hospital, you want to market to those people. Maybe you’re one of the few pet-friendly properties in your area. Whatever the market, the more you optimise your pages to target specific niches, the better chance you have of ranking highly in the search results pages.

Want to use SEO to reach more people in your resort’s niche guest groups? Here’s how to get started.

Optimise Your Website 

When you’ve decided the niche guest groups you want to target, you can get to work optimising your website. It’s likely that your property caters to several of these specialised segments, and your website should have a separate landing page for each group, containing information such as room details, contact information, services, local amenities etc, all focused on the specific needs of that niche.

These pages should be optimised with the key phrases guests in your target group are most likely to enter into a search engine when searching for a property that meets their needs. For example, “cheap accommodation near Mater Hospital, Brisbane.”

This phrase should appear several times throughout your landing page text to signal to Google and the other major search engines that your property is strongly associated with this topic so they can guide high quality, highly targeted traffic in your direction. 

Content Creation

Creating a steady stream of fresh, timely content via your blog is one of the best ways to keep web visitors and potential guests checking back regularly to see that’s new. Post content targeted at the needs of your niche guest groups wherever you can – an article focused on travelling with pets for example – and don’t forget to include a compelling call to action such as, “Our resort welcomes pets! Click here to book with us today!”

Other Websites

Once you’ve integrated key phrases that are relevant to your niche markets on your website, be sure to add them to your property’s listings on review sites like TripAdvisor, on reservation portals, group websites and anywhere else your resort’s info is listed.
You should also consider listing your property on relevant niche booking engines such as and If there’s a specialised guest group, there’s a good chance there’s a specialised booking engine dedicated to them!

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