How To Use SEO Data To Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

How To Use SEO Data To Enhance Your Social Media Campaign
Posted on Feb 26th 2014

You probably know by now that an effective, well maintained social media presence can boost your property’s SEO efforts, but chances are you may not have thought about things from the other angle. In other words, have you stopped to think how you can also use your SEO data to help inform and improve your social strategy?

Paying close attention to the information you collect from your search campaign can give you plenty of valuable insights into your audience, helping you to fine tune the way you connect to your guests through social media.

Listen out for Keywords

One of the most useful things about social media is the ability it gives you to listen in to your guests’ conversations and find out what they’re saying about you. With the help of social tools, you can monitor mentions of your property’s name within your social community, but to get really good at listening in, you need to listen out for other related terms too - and that’s where your SEO keyword data comes in very useful. Some of the most valuable insights you can glean from social media will actually come from discussions about travel, holiday planning and tourism overall, rather than mentions of specific hotels and travel brands. This means you can examine the keywords you are using as part of your search campaign and start listening out for those on social media too.

You can track these words and phrases by setting up an alert on one of the many social monitoring tools out there, or perhaps simply by conducting a regular search across your different social networks.

Compare SEO data with social growth

By comparing your SEO data and social media audience figures side by side, you can help identify the specific strategies that are winning or losing you followers on the social web. Did you publish a new blog post that gained you a lot of Twitter followers? Were you launching a contest at the same time your Facebook community suddenly shot up? If you notice any trends, you’ll know to incorporate more of the same tactics into future campaigns.

Identify and share popular content on social media

Posted a new blog article or other piece of content that has caused a small surge in traffic to your website? Don’t forget to promote that content across your social media platforms. Your post may have boosted your site’s traffic, but that traffic might not be coming from social media, or at least not for now. Keep a close eye on your SEO analytics to identify which articles are driving high click-through rates so you can push them out to social media (even if you have done so before). Hopefully, if something is getting your property lots of attention in search, it will also prove popular with your social community.

Social engagement can help boost your search visibility, and search keywords can help inform and improve your social strategy. The idea is that you use the data you draw from each to enhance the other. By paying close attention to what’s performing well in search, you can increase your social audience, boost engagement rates and identify the conversations that will really help your property’s online presence grow overall.

Has your resort tried using SEO data to enhance your social media strategies? Let us know in the comments below!


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