How to Use Pinterest Place Pins to Promote Your Resort

Pinterest Introduces Place Pins
Posted on Dec 4th 2013

Pinterest has just introduced a brand new way for its users to pin the things that interest them in the form of ‘Place Pins’. This new kind of pin has been designed primarily to cater for the increasing number of travellers that use the social platform, and allows people to share their favourite spots in their hometown and around the world, create visual travel itineraries and plan dream getaways by pinning images to geographical locations on a map.  

From your point of view, Place Pins could become another great tool to help promote your resort online and develop more meaningful relationships with your guests. Here are three ways you can use them.

Demonstrate Your National or Global Reach

By encouraging your guests to mark their location on the new map-enabled Pinterest boards after making a booking, you can show the world just how far reaching your appeal is.

You might even consider sparking a contest between your guests by offering prizes or special offers for those located furthest away, or for those in the towns and cities with the most pins. Once guests notice lots of pins popping up on the map and discounts up for grabs, they’ll want to join in too.

Show Off Your Local Area

You don’t have to rely on your guests to provide all your Place Pins. Why not show off your local area by sharing some of the best beaches, restaurants and attractions in your city? You can encourage engagement by asking your guests to chip in with their favourite spots too.

Show Your Appreciation

Once your guests start using Place Pins to share their locations, show your appreciation by re-pinning. This will not only demonstrate how much you value your relationship with your guests, it will also help keep these pins visible for longer, ensuring that as many people as possible notice your resort’s presence.

Pinterest continues to become more and more valuable as a marketing tool. If you’re not already onboard, sign up now and become one of the first to explore the possibilities of Place Pins!

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