How to Rank Highly in Your Niche in Google

How to Rank Highly in Your Niche in Google
Posted on Oct 9th 2013

Getting specific when it comes to SEO can be a very profitable strategy. By ranking highly for keywords related to your resort’s particular niche, your website will attract higher quality traffic and generate more bookings than ever before.

Decide on Your Niche

You probably already have a good idea of your target guest demographic or niche market. If not, now’s the time to think about it. Whether it’s your family-friendly facilities or great location opposite an important conference centre, what is the one selling point you would most like to be known for? This is the niche that you should choose to target on Google.

Unless you have the resources, it can be very difficult to rank highly for multiple niches on Google. So, to start with at least, it makes sense to focus on just one.

Google is designed to serve up only the most useful information for each search enquiry, and when someone is searching for a great place to stay for their next family break, or a budget city centre apartment for a corporate stopover, that is exactly what they want to find. Even though there is bound to be some crossover in your guest groups, by focusing on one niche you have a better chance of appealing directly to searchers’ most immediate needs.  

Target Niche-Specific Keywords

Once you've decided which niche to focus on, it’s time to select the right keywords to target. This requires entering your guests’ mindset and thinking about the keywords they use when looking for somewhere to stay. It also requires being as specific as possible. Niche-specific keywords will not only be less competitive, they’ll deliver people to your site who are more interested in your property and more likely to make a booking.

For example, a searcher who enters the keyword “hotel + Brisbane” is generally less likely to book than the person who types “budget hotel near Brisbane convention centre.” Why? The second person knows exactly what they’re looking for and are ready to part with their cash when they find the property that meets their needs.

Create Great Content, Often

The next step is to create great, engaging content on topics that are relevant and interesting to your niche guest group. One of the best ways to do this is, of course, blogging, which gives guests a reason to visit your site regularly, allows you to target niche keywords and provides Google with plenty of fresh, quality content to index, pushing your website up the search rankings.

Promote Your Content on Google+

Content from Google+ ranks highly in the SERPs, and gives your guests yet another important avenue to find you through. Posting niche-relevant content regularly on your Google+ pages will help you build an audience and improve guest engagement, while helping you rank higher in search results.

Have you put any of these strategies into practice? Let us know in the comments.

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