How to Claim Your Resort Venue on Foursquare

Posted on Sep 17th 2010

Have you claimed your resort on Foursquare yet?

Recently, Foursquare became more business-friendly after they created a step by step process to allow business owners to claim their venue on Foursquare.

But before we proceed on how to claim your resort venue on Foursquare, you can refer to our previous posts on what is Foursquare, how to set up a Foursquare account and how Foursquare can help your resort.

Now, remember that by claiming your venue on Foursquare, you’re going to have much more access to your venue information – Foursquare stats such as most recent visitors, most frequent visitors, the time of day people check in, total number of unique visitors, histogram of check-ins per day, gender breakdown of customers, and portion of foursquare check-ins broadcast to Twitter and Facebook; easily creating specials; and updating/managing your listing information.

Step 1
Go to your venue page and click “Are you the manager of this business?” As you can see from the image below, this hyperlink is located just below your venue’s contact information. If your venue is not listed on Foursquare, then you must first add your venue.

Step 2
After designating yourself as the manager or owner of the venue, the next step is to confirm your resort’s information. Foursquare allows managers to confirm their business information in a variety of ways. The fastest one is to take the URL from you venue page and paste it to one of your online properties – Foursquare recommends something with an email address and phone number, your website, or even your Google Places, as they will be manually confirming businesses at this point. If you don’t have one of these pages, you can simply enter your name and phone number or email address and someone from Foursquare will reach out to you. One really cool feature is that your marketing agency can actually claim your venue for you.

Step 3
The third and last step is to create the first Foursquare special for your business. Take note, though, that you can only run one Foursquare special at a time. Example specials include 1 free dessert sampler on your 10th check-in or 1 free night stay at our resort each month for the Mayor of our resort.

You can skip this step if you’re not ready to run a special. You can always create specials after you’ve claimed your venue on Foursquare. If you do want to create a special, Foursquare walks you through the process with a few simple clicks. Once complete, go ahead and click SUBMIT.

Claiming Success
After you have successfully claimed your business on Foursquare, their business team will review your information and someone will reach out to you within a few days to confirm the information that you’ve submitted. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but just think that anyone can go through this process, both you and Foursquare have a vested interest in making sure that nobody claims your venue, but you.

Be sure to put something up at your location or on your other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to let your guests or potential guests that you’re on Foursquare, that they can check-in at your venue, and what, if any, specials you’re running.


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