How Google Website Optimizer Can Help You Manage Your Hotel's Website

Posted on Aug 24th 2010

After setting up your hotel’s dynamic, content-managed website, what’s next?

Well, you have to test if it works--by saying “it works” doesn’t mean it’s live and people can actually go to the website.  For a website to be called a success, it must be able to satisfy the objectives you have set for it.  In our previous post, Optimise Your Resort’s Landing Pages, we have discussed various ways to optimise pages within your site, and one of them is by using the Google Web Optimizer. 

Google Web Optimizer is a tool developed by Google to assist website owners in testing the effectiveness of their site content.  It is the equivalent of a mechanic looking after you car daily but for websites, of course. It determines which images, headlines and web copies are most effective in getting your site visitors to convert.  It stops you from making guesses about which content to use, thereby saving you a lot of effort and resources.

It also identifies broken links, malware and other issues and find out what search queries lead to your pages, even adding click-through statistics. It also checks your website speed and tells you why it’s too slow.

Take a look at a short video about how to use Google Website Optimizer:


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