How Google Plus Changes Your Resorts SEO Strategy

Posted on Feb 15th 2012

Google have recently introduced “Search Plus Your World,” a new personalised search results page that incorporates social content from your Google Plus network with standard search results. The new layout displays results which have been recommended or given a ‘Plus One’ by people from your circles. 

If there is enough interest in the search topic, a separate sidebar marked “People and Pages” displays relevant profiles from Google Plus pages.  

You have the option to show or hide personalised results. If you show these results you have access to relevant comments, articles and shares from friends in your circles.  

Google’s shake up of search lets you see what people you know and trust think about a topic. Because consumers are far more likely to have confidence in friends’ recommendations, Search Plus Your World is a powerful marketing tool.  

What does personalised search mean for Hoteliers?

There is no denying the powerful grip Google has on the market. Like it or not, personalised search appears to be the future, and your hotel needs to be on board, or risk near search engine oblivion.As Google pushes content from Google Plus to the top of the search results page at the expense of other social networking sites, it is vital that you have an active profile to showcase your property and claim your place in personalised search results.  

Act now

The first step is to create a Google Plus business page for your hotel. Upload a high quality photo that presents your property in the best light possible and fill in the ‘About’ section – the more information you include, the easier it is for customers to find your page.  

Next, maintain your hotel profile. Post links to articles that interest you, respond to comments within your page and connect with other users to expand your circles. The more circles your hotel joins, the more likely you are to appear in searchers’ personalised results, and the more likely you are to win new customers.  

How can eTourism help you?

We are pleased to offer a new service to help you showcase your resort on Google Plus. The service includes a full profile setup including an image of your brand logo, an optimised description of your hotel and a connection to your official website to drive traffic to your Google Plus page and maximize search benefits. For more information contact eTourism today. 


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