Hotels are Angling For Their Foursquare Check-In Badge

Posted on Mar 15th 2010


The lobby bar at JW Marriott at LA Live is not on Foursquare but their Glance lounge is.

Do you Foursquare? No, not the game you used to play on the blacktop at recess. We're talking about Foursquare, the newest darling of the social media realm that allows you to declare your exact locations via your mobile devices. That's what's called a "check-in." (Not to be confused with your hotel check-in.)

The location-based service, which can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, awards points and "badges" as sort of a game to keep users interested in playing. Indeed, accumulating (or "unlocking") badges, particularly the silly ones, seems to be part of the fun on Foursquare.

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