Hilton on hotel search marketing trends

Posted on Feb 10th 2012

With TripAdvisor becoming less dominant/ reliable, brands are beginning to regain some lost influence and the correct management of both mobile and mapping technology will be key to increasing any brand’s online reputation, says James Harrower, search marketing manager, International at Hilton Worldwide.

Savvy travel marketers acknowledge challenges emanating from the evolving search landscape, with algorithms, interfaces and social-driven personalisation keeping online marketers busy. 

The release of Google + was a big indicator of Google’s desire to take social signals into account. Marketers are thinking of this more in terms of greater levels of personalisation that Google can offer users based upon their social networks and activity. Businesses have long had the option to take advantage of social networking and SEO to increase their online visibility and indeed many have been doing this for years; what Google+ has done has made this relationship so obvious that SEO and social media marketers must now ensure social networks are a driving factor in their activities. 

Considering the changes in the marketplace, EyeforTravel’s Ritesh Gupta spoke to James Harrower, search marketing manager, International at Hilton Worldwide about the major developments pertaining to search marketing. 

What do you think were the major developments for SEO and PPC in 2011? What should the hotel industry watch out for when it comes to search marketing in 2012? 

To read James Harrower's answer to this and other questions visit hotelmarketing.com


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