Facebook Places Ready to Launch in Australia in Weeks?

Posted on Sep 22nd 2010

A few weeks back, Facebook unveiled its new geolocation feature, Places—where users can check in at a particular place to share with friends.  It was initially available in the United States but was recently launched in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Facebook says that they plan to roll out its location check-in service Places to all its markets by the end of the year, with Australia as one of the next countries earmarked to go live.

Although there’s no final date yet, Michael Sharon, product manager for Facebook Places said that they are expecting to offer an Australian version “soon”, perhaps even within weeks. “Australians are really active on Facebook and active mobile users of Facebook so we would definitely prioritise them sooner than other users,” he said. AllFacebook.com mentions that Facebook has about 7 million users in Australia, out of a national population of 21 million.

Are you ready for Facebook Places?  For the full story, go to AllFacebook.com.

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