Facebook Places Officially Launches in Australia

Posted on Sep 30th 2010

Last week, we blogged that Facebook Places is nearing its official roll out in Australia.  Well, today we are very excited to announce that it’s finally here!

For the 9 million Facebooking Australians who want to use the service, Places is available starting this morning via the Facebook iPhone application and on advanced mobile devices through the mobile site touch.facebook.com.

For those who are slightly worried about the privacy settings on the service, Facebook assures users that they have full privacy control and can customise these settings as well as amend them from a mobile device.

Here is a video explaining how to control your information on Places.

As an overview though, check-ins are defaulted to friends only (unless your master setting is everyone) and under 18s will not appear in posts or check-ins to anyone but friends.  You can also always remove any check-in from your phone or on the web.

But remember that if you gave your friends permission, they can check you in by tagging you in a place where they are also checking in. This feature can easily be disabled in your privacy settings so make sure, that before you jump in, you have fully customised your settings.

Will you be using Facebook Places?

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