Facebook Launch Pages Manager App

Posted on May 18th 2012

One of the criticisms leveled at Facebook’s mobile apps in the past has been that the social network giant simply has too many features to cram into one mobile experience. Facebook began to address this issue with the launch of Facebook Messenger, and now it seems the company is breaking off more features from its main app into separate apps. The latest of these standalone ‘smaller brother’ apps is Pages Manager, which is now available for download from the Australian App Store for iOS.  



As the name suggests, Pages Manager is designed to help you manage your pages, post updates and receive new activity notifications wherever you are. It also uses tracking analytics to give you a handy insight into recent fan engagement, including the number of people sharing your page and your brand’s total ‘Reach.’  



The arrival of the new app is good news for those of you who want to manage your resort’s pages on the go. 

Are there any other Facebook features you’d like to see as a standalone app?

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