Facebook Introduces Real Time Analytics

Posted on Mar 8th 2012

Most Resorts understand that data collection is important to the success of their Internet marketing campaign, but getting to grips with the information you collect and using it in a timely and productive manner is not always straight forward.  

At a recent marketing event Facebook announced the launch of ‘Page Insights’,  a set of new features which promise to help businesses of all kinds use the data they collect more effectively. Perhaps the most exciting of these new features is the introduction of real time analytics on Pages. 

The changes, which will be rolled out this month, will make it possible to access your Facebook page data immediately, instead of waiting the standard two day delay. Real time analytics looks set to give you closer control over your Facebook performance, and the potential benefits to your Resorts Internet marketing campaign are exciting.  

In addition to real time insights, Facebook announced the new metric "People talking about this." This feature indicates how many people are actually talking about your business to their friends and how that affects reach. This metric includes Facebook users who have:

  • Liked your page
  • Liked, commented on, or shared your page post
  • Answered a question you've asked
  • Responded to your event
  • Mentioned your page
  • Tagged your page in a photo
  • Checked in or recommended your place

It will be interesting to see how this affects campaigns and customer interaction. .

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