Essential Tools to Help You Upload Your Hotel's Photos in Facebook

Posted on Aug 19th 2010

You know that sharing photos is an integral part of socialization in Facebook and as a quick-thinking hotel operator, you already have a stock of photos that are ready to be published.

Most hotels and apartments post photos of products and services on their pages to keep the customers updated. To date, there are many popular tools that you can use when uploading their photos.  It all depends on what you are comfortable in using. 

If you’re a Google fan

You might want to try using Picasa Uploader.  Picasa has an easy plug-in that allows you to upload your pictures right from the program. By installing the uploader and selecting the Facebook button you will be able to starting adding your pictures to Facebook. Click here to get Picasa and the Plug-in.

If you prefer Yahoo

You may want to use the Yahoo-developed Flickr2Facebook application.  By following the simple steps on the page, you will be able to quickly share pictures from your Flickr account onto your Facebook.

If you’re happy with Windows

LiveUpload to Facebook may be your photo uploading tool as this option is strictly for Windows users. LiveUpload to Facebook allows you to take photos from your Windows Live Gallery and place them directly to Facebook. It also allows you to tag and decide privacy levels for your gallery.

Another Windows only option is Photo Uploader for Facebook 1.0.0. This application allows to you edit and post your photos onto Facebook from your Desktop. By downloading the program, you will not have to go to the website anymore to post photos.

If you like using Mac

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is a plug-in that allows you to upload your photos to Facebook from the Mac program. The extension allows you to post photos right from your galleries which allow you to edit the pictures before posting them. Pick up the iPhoto plug-in here.

If you’re a just FaceBook person

The most basic way to upload pictures on Facebook is by using its typical picture uploader. By clicking the photo icon on the menu on the left side of the home page, you will be directed towards recent photos of your friends. Above those, on the right, you will see buttons that will allow you to upload photos and videos. Follow the simple directions accordingly.

If you want it from your Desktop

One desktop application that works on both PC and Mac operating systems is Bloom. Bloom allows you to upload pictures and videos, download albums view friends photos, and support your galleries with a Proxy server. Download Bloom here.

One more option is the Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook, a desktop application that allows you to post pictures simply with a click and a drag of the mouse. You can also view your News Feeds, post updates, and more directly from your desktop. Get the free program today.

If you fancy other ways to upload

You have an option of using Photobucket, a main photo sharing website where you can log in to the website using your Facebook account or Photobucket account, and share pictures between the sites. Photobucket is an easy and efficient alternative to the typical Facebook uploader and it also allows sharing of the pictures in a larger variety of places. Check out the website here.

Another easy-breezy way to upload photos is by using a Firefox extension called Firefox Universal Uploader.  It is Facebook-compatible and allows you to upload your photos directly to the site.  All you have to do is follow the directions and download the plug-in to get your galleries uploaded to Facebook.

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