Enhancements to Daily Booking Report

Daily Booking Report Sample
Posted on Oct 17th 2012

We are continually looking at ways to communicate information in a better way to our clients so that they are fully informed on their bookings. This week, on our latest release, we have upgraded our eTourism Online Daily Booking Report to include some new areas. This affects any property advertising on www.etourismholidays.com.au  or using eTourism Online Reservations System on their own website. 

Each morning we automatically send out a ‘Daily Booking Report’ to each user of our system. In this report we show you which bookings were made yesterday and any arrivals for today. This week we have made the following upgrades: 

  1. There is a new section which details any arrivals for the next 7 days so that you do not have any surprises on the day. We believe that this information is important to ensure that you know and can plan for your arrivals.
  2. The eTourism Online Daily Booking Report will now be automatically emailed to you each morning, if there is information to be communicated to you. We believe that you need to know who is arriving at your resort and when eTourism sends you bookings. 

If you want to know more about using eTourism Online on your own site or any of our online marketing campaigns, please contact us.

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