Creating Quality Content in a Competitive Market

Creating Quality Content in a Competitive Market
Posted on Mar 12th 2014

Adding fresh, interesting and well written content to your property’s website on a regular basis is your best chance of climbing the search results pages, engaging your target guests and reaching a wider audience online.

Thanks to Google’s ‘Hummingbird’ update towards the end of 2013, publishing low quality content overloaded with SEO trickery will no longer cut it; you must work towards creating content that is highly attractive and highly shareable to your guests by directly addressing their most burning issues.

So, now that quality is more important than ever, how can you take your content marketing up a notch to ensure it meets Google’s strict standards and captivates as many of your guests as possible?

Start With a Great Headline

An eye-catching title viewed on social media or the search results pages will grab your audience’s attention and spark their interest, driving a steady stream of guests to your website eager to find out more.

Adding a keyword or two can help catch the eye of your target guests, but resist the urge if including these will make your titles too long and unappealing. The most effective (most clickable) headlines are clear, concise, highly relevant and generate a sense of intrigue in the audience. The more thought you give this valuable handful of words, the more your property’s content will be read and shared on social media – which translates to more website traffic and lots more potential new bookings.

Inform and Surprise Your Audience

The most successful content marketing delivers original information that is highly useful to its intended audience. The content you produce is your chance to demonstrate your expertise about the things that interest your guests the most – your city, its best attractions and tours, the most exciting annual events etc. Conduct ample research where necessary and try if you can to deliver surprising little known facts that your readers are unlikely to have come across before. If your readers learn something new and surprising, they’ll naturally want to pass on the information to friends and family via social media.

Inject Some Character

Does your content showcase your brand’s likeable personality, or is it bland and undistinguishable from your competitors? Stand out from the crowd by shaking things up with some humour from time to time and your audience will show their appreciation in terms of blog subscriptions, repeat website traffic and social media shares.

An effective content marketing campaign will boost your search rankings and improve your website traffic, leading to increased booking rates as a direct result.

Have you made creating highly shareable content that resonates with your guests a weekly priority? Let us know in the comments below!


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