Blogs and Search Engine Traffic go Hand in Hand

Posted on Jun 18th 2010

In a recent blog post we explored if starting a blog was right for your hotel

In this post we are going to include some useful tips when blogging. 

Maintaining a regular blog is a sure way to increase your search engine traffic. A blog works as a powerful content based tool to increase your ranking in search engines. Because it is updated frequently, is key word dense and is informative it is a resource that search engines consider helpful when determining your search engine ranking. The better your search engine ranking for targeted keywords, the better your chance of increasing your online reservations

Here are 4 tips useful tips about blogs

1. Keywords

You need to select keywords that are firstly relevant to your product. These words should be ones that are used frequently in your industry, however not so frequent that your words will be exactly the same as your competitors. Key words also include key phrases, (such as phrases four words in length).  Phrases can be highly effective in blogs.

2. Word Placement

When using keywords it is important to place them correctly within your blog. The success of key words within blogs is based on theme setting. A good place to start with this theme setting is in the title of the blog post or blog categories.  Your blogs should include these keywords and after a few posts there should be obvious themes emerging.

3. Monitor your web statistics

An effective way to increase your ranking in search engines is by monitoring your website statistics. In these stats you will be able to see when the search engine spiders pay your website a visit. If you notice a pattern, such as they visit once a month or every two weeks, start ensuring you update your blog on the anniversary of this visit. This will increase the spider’s visits and in turn increase your search engine ranking.

4. Updates

The more frequent your posts, the more attention your website attracts from the search engine spiders. Constant updates are like food for the spiders, they see that there is more content on your site and visit more frequently to index this information. This then subsequently assists your search engine ranking.

Remembering these key search engine pointers when you are blogging is a great way to increase your ranking and also your website traffic. A few small amendments to the way you blog, such as key words and blog post timing could benefit your website enormously.  


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