Bing Powers Yahoo!

Posted on Aug 26th 2010

Yahoo! Search Products announced this week that Bing will now officially power Yahoo’s organic search results in USA and Canada, more specifically their web, image and video search.  However, they have yet to announce its official roll out in Australia, saying that it will be out shortly in the coming months.  But nonetheless, as a resort operator, you should be ready for its imminent coming in our region. 

This new partnership between two search giants means that your resort will need to start planning ahead your paid search holiday campaigns to run on Adcenter, with the understanding that there is likely to be new cost-per-click pricing to contend with. Yahoo will still power their own search advertising (PPC) platform until later in the year when Microsoft Adcenter is integrated. This integration is expected to be completed in October, just before the Christmas holidays, adjust your strategy accordingly.

Additionally, as the Bing and Microsoft Adcenter integration is rolled out worldwide to all Yahoo Search properties, you are likely to see a steady increase in paid search inventory on Microsoft Adcenter. Cost-per-click on Adcenter is likely to rise as inventory increases.

Is your resort ready for this change?


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