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Posted on Nov 27th 2013

TripAdvisor recently announced that content from its vast portfolio of hotel reviews will now appear in the Bing search results pages.  

Bing will reportedly now serve up property reviews, ratings and photos, as well as TripAdvisor’s price comparison tool in the SERPs. The deal marks the first time the world’s number one travel review site has lent its metadata, collected from more than 125 million reviews of 3.1 million properties, to a search engine.

The change will give travel planners using Bing to research their breaks instant access to TripAdvisor’s extensive library of guest reviews and the ability to compare prices for a specific date without leaving the search results page. “You can go from thinking about where to go to being ready to book in a matter of seconds” revealed a spokesperson in the TripAdvisor blog article that accompanied the launch.

In conjunction with its content integration into Bing search results, the travel site is releasing a free Windows 8.1 Hotel Price Comparison Search app which features a touch-friendly interface and displays maps, rooms, restaurants and local attractions in real time.

Although the Bing content integration deal currently effects users in the US only, it seems likely that the change will be rolled out worldwide as TripAdvisor seeks to get its content in front of as many travel planners as possible.

Loyal members of the site’s review community are unlikely to shift their property searches to Bing as a result of this partnership, but Bing may be able to expand its share of the search market if the enhanced search results prove popular. And as TripAdvisor continues to magnify its exposure, driving positive reviews will become even more important for your resort.  

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