Apple makes its claim on internet marketing

Posted on Apr 12th 2010

Apple is making waves by launching a new program, iAds. This new software for mobiles, is the first step made by Apple to enter the business of selling advertising, once again placing itself at odds with Google. Google’s AdWords application features a similar system for advertising on PC’s.

The rivalry between Google and Apple has been mounting in pervious years, finding themselves in competition in many markets such as mobile phones, web browsers, operating systems and now online advertising. 

Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, said the new system would “offer ways to build complex interactive ads into apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.”

Additionally, this new software is manufactured directly for the mobile rather than PC’s. “Search is not where it’s at” on phones, said Mr Jobs. “People are not searching on a mobile device like they are on the desktop.” “Smartphone owners are getting all of their information through apps, so search ads are not as effective.”

What this means for Hotels and Resorts, is another avenue to advertise. With the growing popularity of Apple products, this new software could see the advertisements being featured in the iAds applications receive a high amount of exposure. 

Apple is also looking at building this app to include a location component to its mobile ads. This feature would allow coupons and special offers to be available through the iAd application.

It is unclear whether Apple intends to sell the ads on other mobile phones, however at this stage the ads will be seen only on Apple’s products. The new software will be available for owners of recent iPhone and iPod Touch models this summer and for the iPad later in the year. Apple is still in the process of finalising the details for the new software. 

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