5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Blog (Without Producing More Content)

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Blog
Posted on Mar 12th 2014

As you know, your resort’s blog is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to climbing the search rankings, driving traffic to your website, engaging your audience and increasing bookings. Naturally, you want your blog to perform even better, but without the time or resources to write more, what do you do?

While there’s no substitute for consistently adding high quality content to your property’s website, there are several, reasonably simple things you can do to get more out of your blog, without increasing the volume of content you produce.

1. Optimize Old Post Titles

Creating an interesting title is crucial if you want to garner lots of clicks, but since you’re continually adding new posts to your blog (or at least should be) it doesn’t take long for older posts to get buried under all the great new content you keep pumping out.

These older posts may seem near-forgotten, but they’re still doing their part for your SEO campaign by driving valuable organic traffic to your site. And, now that you’ve remembered them, they could drive even more traffic if you go back and rewrite the titles, this time inserting keywords to optimise them for SEO, instead of clicks.

2. Optimize Your Calls-to-Action

Adding calls to action in every blog post – whether within the content itself or right at the end – helps turn interested readers into paying guests. It therefore goes without saying that any time you spend optimising those CTAs to drive even more conversions is worthwhile. Using simple A/B testing, compare your blog’s CTAs to identify which combinations of copy and layout generate the best results. When you’ve found the winning formula, you can go back and replace the CTAs on your old posts with the new, improved, high-performing versions, starting with your most popular posts if you’re pushed for time.

3. Try Out New Offers

Your email newsletter is a great way to let your guests know about your latest special offers and promos, but if you email your subscribers about these deals too frequently, it won’t take long for your engagement levels to take a nosedive. That’s why your resort’s blog provides the perfect platform for gauging the general levels of interest in new offers – before you send them out to all those precious subscribers. Consider using your blog as a testing ground for any new special deals you’re running, and sending only those that perform well to the contacts on your newsletter list.

4. Identify Your Most Popular Topics

Think you know which topics resonate most with your guests? Conducting a thorough topic analysis will help you find out for sure. All you need to do is export your blog analytics into a spreadsheet and sort the posts into broad topic categories. You can then analyse by data like volume of inbound links and number of post views to see which topics are scoring highly with your target audience and which tend to fall flat. Remember, you don’t have to remove these lower performing topics from your blog completely, but understanding what kind of content is most popular with your readers can help lift you out of a traffic slump when you need it most.

5. Get Social

If you haven’t already done so, you should set aside some time to optimise your blog for social sharing – in fact the very survival of your blog depends on it. Make sure your posts include social follow buttons so you get your content seen by as many people as possible, while simultaneously expanding your property’s reach on social media.

Have you tried out any of these ways to get more out of your blog without spending more time at the keyboard? Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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