5 Ways to Get Ahead on Google+

Posted on Aug 28th 2013
Google+ is still barely over two years old, but it has already claimed a total of 359 million active monthly users, ranking it behind Facebook as the second largest social media network.
Despite this rapid rise to success, it seems many businesses and brands are still confused about how to make the most of their presence on the site. So how can you make sure your resort is not one of them?
1. Optimize Your Profile
It goes without saying that your profile should be completed fully with your resort’s name, bio, photo and contact details to allow your guests to easily identify you. To drive more visitors to your profile, you should also include a keyword-rich introduction and add links to your official website on the About page.
2. Post Regularly
As with any social media network, the only way to gain exposure on Google+ is to post consistently. Sticking to a regular posting routine gets you noticed in your contact’s feeds and makes your resort look current and interesting. Creating a constant stream of fresh content also serves as a valuable SEO boost, thanks to the way Google prioritises data from Google+ on the search results page.    

3. Comment on the Links you Share
Sharing links to your latest blog posts is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but simply offloading these links without a word to your followers is unlikely to win you any fans. Each time you share a link, be sure to add a few lines of commentary to draw attention to the content you’re sharing and encourage a dialogue with other users.
4. Remember it’s a Social Network
You’re on Google+ to promote your resort, but when you focus only on your own marketing interests, the ‘social’ essence of the social network quickly gets lost. Needless to say, it doesn’t take long for other users to lose interest when they see you’re only out for yourself either. Keep them on-board and win new followers by taking time to respond to content other users share, and when someone mentions your property or links to you, show your appreciation by commenting or hitting the +1 button.
5. Add Google+ Badges to your Website
Once you’ve established a presence on Google+, you need to let everyone know about it by adding a Google+ badge to your website. This will make sure your guests can easily find you on the social network, linking them directly to your page. 

Does your resort have an active Google+ presence? How are you making the site work for you?

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