5 Tips For Driving More Mobile Bookings

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Posted on Apr 21st 2016

If you haven’t made sure your hotel’s website is easy to use on mobile devices yet, you’re going to miss out on a whole lot of conversions. That goes without saying. What’s perhaps more surprising, is that simply building a mobile version of your site is not enough if you want to capitalise on all those guests planning their breaks on the go and drive lots of mobile bookings.

In order to maximise mobile booking rates, you need to focus on creating a friction-less experience, include compelling calls to action and tailor your content to engage a mobile audience.

If you’ve made achieving more mobile conversions your mission, here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it concise: Guests planning their breaks on mobile devices are unlikely to read through a whole website’s worth of content. They generally have a specific reason for visiting your site: they are searching for an easy way to contact you, are comparing your property to another hotel or are simply window shopping to see what’s out there for their next getaway. With this in mind, mobile sites should be kept to the point. No need to distract them with page after page of content.
  2. Create a frictionless experience: Following on from above, your mobile website should be kept ‘to the point’ in terms of form as well as content. Remove any design elements that create unnecessary extra friction, such as excessive scrolling or too many links to navigate. If you want more mobile users to contact you by email or call you, include prominent buttons at the top of the header.
  3. Include a great offer: Since much of the time, mobile users are window shopping on the go; sometimes all it takes is a great, irresistible offer or special package to stop them in their tracks and prevent them from booking with your competition.
  4. Collect information at every opportunity: Studies show that people are more likely to respond to a call to action when browsing from their mobile device. This means you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to collect valuable data such as phone numbers and email addresses so you can expand your audience and continue marketing to prospective guests.
  5. Keep mobile guests engaged: Offers are one great way to keep your audience engaged and your bounce rates low, but you should also use eye-catching images, videos, and perhaps even contests or games. Think about the first thing mobile users see when they land on your site. If it’s simply a boring wall of text they’ll be more likely to leave and look elsewhere.

Has your hotel’s mobile strategy been successful? What changes would you make in the future? Let us know in the comments below!


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