4 Quick and Budget-Friendly Content Creation Tips

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Posted on Mar 18th 2015

Content creation is one of the most effective ways you can connect to your guests on a deeper level, without eating too much into your marketing budget.

A successful content marketing campaign will help you stay visible in search results, drawing guests that are researching their breaks straight to your website to book direct.

Here are 4 affordable and easy to implement tips to boost your resort’s content strategy.

1. Plan Your Content Around Your Guests’ Needs

In order to create content that really resonates with your audience, you need to listen to your guests to find out what their needs are. This means spending time analysing reviews and guest emails and listening closely on social media. Are there any questions and comments that crop up time and time again? If so, it’s time to create an engaging piece of content to directly address these points. Whether it is concerns about the size of your beds, or questions relating to families and childcare facilities, by crafting content around your guests’ main needs and concerns, you’ll give them the information they need to book in confidence.

2. Get Creative with Video

Video marketing has huge potential in the travel and tourism sector, where the ‘product’ for sale is an aspiration or experience that can be difficult to capture in words alone. Done successfully, even the most simple ‘hotel tour’ or ‘local guide’ video can be extraordinarily persuasive. Publishing your videos on YouTube and Vimeo will get your content seen by a potentially massive audience and help generate social signals for SEO that could even see your property climbing up the search rankings.

3. Get the Basics Right

Unsurprisingly, detailed information on guestrooms, leisure facilities and location still top the list of things travellers want to see when booking their breaks online.

Whether your guests are landing on your website after making a Google search, from a social media page, or after finding you on an OTA, when they get there they expect to find everything they need to inform their booking decision and start planning their breaks. Give them what they are looking for with professionally taken, high resolution photography, comprehensive room descriptions, information on local attractions, and a regularly updated blog that shows off all your property and local area has to offer.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Play To The Crowds

Sometimes it pays to pull out a crowd pleaser. And yes, on social media that often means cat posts.

When people see stuff that makes them laugh, they think “this is a brand I can relate to!” As well as showcasing the more human side of your property, publishing content sure to please the audience is often a great way to expand your reach, which may prove valuable at a later date when you have something more important to share.

Do you have any content marketing tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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