4 Mobile Marketing Must-Haves This Christmas Season

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Posted on Nov 19th 2016

Mastering mobile can make the difference between skyrocketing booking rates and stagnation this holiday season.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at 4 key ways you can make the most of mobile marketing to reach more of your guests this Christmas.

A Responsive Website

Building a responsive website creates a smooth, consistent browsing experience for your travel shoppers across desktop, tablet and mobile. Creating this experience for your guests is crucial if you want to maximise your reach online this festive season and year-round, especially now that Google has begun to prioritize mobile friendly sites in the search results pages.

Maximise Your Space

Mastering mobile marketing is all about maximising space. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when you reach out to your guests with your best, carefully selected Christmas offers this December. Ensure your subject lines and the body of your emails are as concise, precise and engaging as possible. Run split A/B tests to discover the content styles that really hit home with your audience.

Easy Navigation Is Key

The finger has replaced the mouse as our chosen navigational tool online, so ensuring calls to action are easy to tap through is essential. If your clickable elements are too small, or too close together, your most important content doesn’t stand a chance of being discovered.

Map Out The Journey To Booking

Consider your guests’ journey – from the marketing email or search result to the booking confirmation page. How many steps are involved? Is it as simple as it could be?

Your audience expect convenience and are not going to take extra steps – especially at the busiest time of year - so simplify your booking journey to include only those steps which are adding real value to your guests.

How will your hotel use mobile marketing to reach your guests this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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