3 Tactics To Maximise Your Everyday Social Media Routine

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Posted on Jun 24th 2014

Are you doing everything you can to maximise your social media marketing efforts or merely covering the basics?

By taking just 3 simple steps, you can build on your current social media routine, make your accounts work harder for you and bring in greater returns for your efforts – without actually spending any more time social media marketing.

1: Build Authority With Real-Time Sharing

You should already be creating and publishing content to social media that promotes your location, local events and activities that may be of interest to your guests, but don’t forget to share more industry-focused content too.

There may be the occasional important news story, conference or new piece of research within the travel sector that your audience should know about. Making sure you’re the very first to tell them about it helps demonstrate your resort’s credibility and authority within the industry.

You can keep up to date with the latest travel trends using Google Alerts. Just decide on a group of 2-3 search terms you’d like to keep tabs on and select how often you’d like to receive email updates for these terms. In time, you may need to adjust your alerts to refine the kind of information you want to receive, and how often.

Once you’ve perfected a system that works for you, go back and set up alerts for mentions of your main competitors and best ranking keywords to discover other related content that’s getting shared out there.

2: Share and Share Again For Maximum Reach

Are you making the most of the content you create and share via social channels? If you’re only sharing once, the answer to that question is no.

You can drive more new traffic to your website by sharing every piece of content you create multiple times – all you need to do is refresh your posts a little each time. Just published a particularly great blog? Present it to your audience in different ways by adding a question or picking out an interesting quote or fun fact from whatever you’re linking to. If you can position the same article to your audience three different ways, you’ve potentially tripled the amount of traffic you can drive back to your resort’s website from just one piece of content.

3: Optimize Your Content For More Clicks

If you’re not taking time to optimise your content for each social platform your property has a presence on, you’re not taking full advantage of the individual nuances of each site, and you’re probably not reaching the very people you want to target most.

On Facebook, visual content rules. Posting large, high quality images is the best way to catch someone’s eye on the world’s busiest social network, but don’t forget to share videos too.

Your Facebook page is the perfect platform for sharing your property’s YouTube channel. When you embed a video promoting your resort in a Facebook update, your guests can view it directly in their stream and are more likely to hit ‘Like’ or ‘share’ than they would for a post containing a video link.

When it comes to Google+, you should be using Circles to segment your audience and target specific content to specific people. Marketing directly to a smaller, more relevant audience is one of the most powerful ways to drive engagement rates, click-throughs and bookings.

Your Turn…

Move beyond routine content sharing and include these 3 tactics in your social strategy to free up time and drive better results.

What do you think? Have your tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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