3 Sure-Fire Signs Your Competitors Are Beating You Online

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Posted on Feb 8th 2017

The competition for your guests’ attention online is fiercer than ever, and one thing’s for sure; if other local hotels are doing a better job reaching them than you are, your booking rates are going to suffer.

So, how do you know if your competition is showing you up in the digital world?

Here are 3 warning signs to look out for.

1. Their website is better designed than yours

If your online booking rates aren’t what you would hope for, take a moment to revisit your hotel’s website. Does it look sleek and professional? Does it reflect your brand? Just how effective is it at marketing your rooms? Would you want to book from this website?

Don’t stop there. Pay a visit to your main competitors’ websites. Are they offering something you aren’t? Can you learn anything from the colour scheme or navigation style they’ve chosen? What about the copy?

Check out these competing websites from a mobile device, too. It might be that they look and perform better on a small screen than yours does. Does your website make it as easy to convert on mobile as it could do?

Lastly, run both your website and your competitors’ websites through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Mobile Friendly test tool. Who comes out on top? If other hotels in your local area are currently beating yours for one or both of these crucial conversion factors, then follow the advice on offer to boost your site.

2. They use AMP

Mobile users want pages to load almost instantly. One of the best ways to deliver the super-fast experience they expect and score points with Google is to use AMP or accelerated mobile pages.

Implementing AMP across your website requires a little technical expertise, but it’s an investment completely worth making for the benefits in user experience and improved rankings in the SERPs.

3. They have a stronger Google presence than you

Type a keyword or phrase related to your hotel’s niche into Google - Does your property’s website show up on the first page?

If it doesn’t, that’s bad news, especially if yours doesn’t show up, but your competitor’s does. You’re certain to lose bookings that way.

Take action. If other hotels in your city are all over the search results pages and you’re not, waste no time in hiring an SEO specialist to optimise your website and help you turn this around. Again, it’s an investment, but it will get your website seen by more guests and provide a healthy return.

How does your hotel’s online presence compare against your competition? If they’re outperforming you, what are you doing to change it? Let us know in the comments below!


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