3 Bad Blogging Habits To Break Today

3 Bad Blogging Habits To Break Today
Posted on Sep 10th 2014

In life, old habits die hard. And in blogging, they can be just as difficult to break. If your current campaign isn’t generating the traffic and bookings you’d like it to, it’s time to identify bad habits so you can break free of your blogging rut and start driving results.

Here are 3 of the most common bad blogging habits to look out for.


You want to talk about your hotel or resort above everything else, and that’s good, but your guests want to hear how your property addresses their specific needs as a traveller. Great blogging is not just about highlighting your business, but about giving your customers the right information.

Identify the challenges that face your particular demographic – then create blogs about those challenges. If your guests tend to be families, you could post about travelling with young children, local kid-friendly attractions or your hotel babysitting service. By focus on addressing your audience’s challenges, you’ll demonstrate that you understand their needs, and position your property as the logical solution.

Inconsistent Posting

Posting inconsistently may be more of a lack of a habit, but it is behaviour pattern you need to break nonetheless.

Blogging on a regular basis not only keeps your audience interested and coming back for more, it satisfies Google’s demand for fresh, useful content, which in turn helps you climb the search rankings. Increasing consistency may seem daunting when you’re already short on time and resources, but with a wealth of no-research-needed guest concerns to address and plenty of opportunities to reuse old content, it needn’t be as time consuming as you think. Set monthly blog quotas and establish a steady routine to stay organised.

Following the Crowd

Riding the bandwagon online is tempting; it takes less time, requires less effort and ensures you’re aligned with whatever other successful properties in your sphere are talking about.

But following the lead of other travel brands doesn’t ensure you’ll share their success. On the contrary, it positions your resort as one step behind, constantly trying to play catch up. So why fight for the same attention everyone else is battling for? There are only a limited number of readers to go around, and these readers are far more likely to gravitate towards your blog over all the others if it offers something different. Instead of turning to your competitors for topic inspiration, try putting a unique spin on the topics your guests are most interested in. Emphasising the difference between your blog and everyone else’s is what will drive new traffic and loyal subscribers.

Do you need to break any of these bad blogging habits? Let us know in the comments below!


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