3 Ways To Excel at Content Marketing in 2016

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Posted on Jan 21st 2016

We could all use a little motivation at the beginning of the year, and especially, perhaps, when it comes to your hotel’s content marketing campaign. That’s because maybe above every other kind of online marketing tactic, content production could never be described as a strategy that brings overnight success. Marketers must commit to regularly publishing great content on a long-term basis if they want to find the winning formula that generates results.

So, how can you amp up the content you create in the coming 12 months? These 3 tips are a great place to start.

Start with Solid SEO

It doesn’t matter how perfectly honed your content marketing strategy, if your website is not optimised for SEO success, few of your guests will even discover it. A weak content architecture and library of spammy, outdated links will mean your website performs poorly in search and perhaps even gets penalised by Google, putting all the hard work you put into your blog to waste.

Take heed, and make implementing SEO best practices throughout your website’s design and structure a priority before you even start thinking about the topics for your next blog article.

Amp Up Your Visual Content Creation

No matter what platform you’re using to promote your hotel, getting noticed by your guests means incorporating a strong visual element into your online marketing efforts.

With new platforms like Periscope and Snapchat popping up all the time, and Instagram’s massive popularity showing no signs of dwindling, brands that are able to incorporate visual content and particularly user-generated visual content into their campaigns in the next 12 months may come out on top. Let’s face it: your guests trust other guests more than you when it comes to finalising their purchase decisions. With this in mind, you should take every opportunity you can think of to encourage your fans to share their thoughts and photos for powerful word of mouth marketing.

Tell a Story with Bite-Size, Episodic Content

The last few years has seen consumers increasingly drawn to ‘bite-size’ content that tells a story across several posts. Whether it’s a string of user-generated content or a series of photos, this format inspires major interaction and loyalty from social media fans. Your challenge this year is to see how you can come up with creative ways to make this type of content resonate with your particular guest demographic – by promising your audience consistent pieces of content on topics that are highly relevant and interesting to them, they’ll be more likely to return again and again.

What are your content creation plans for 2016? Let us know in the comments below!


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