3 Ways To Boost Your Hotel’s Facebook Presence With Visual Storytelling

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Posted on Mar 24th 2015

With masses of businesses and brands vying for your audience’s attention on Facebook, how can you make sure your content breaks through the noise?

Visual storytelling might be the answer. By creating posts with an emotional pull and eye-catching visual appeal, you can catch your guests’ attention and engage their interest, even if they’re simply killing a few minutes scrolling through their News Feed in the middle of the work day.

Although advice about social best practices has changed a lot over the years, there has been one constant: image and video based posts consistently drive more engagement than those with text alone. Here are 3 ways you can adopt the “show, don’t tell” approach to Facebook marketing to drive more engagement, traffic and bookings for your resort.

1. Showcase Your Company Values

One effective way to forge a deeper connection with your fans is to share images that offer a glimpse into your property’s inner culture and brand values. Winning your audience’s trust is hugely important, so demonstrating who you are as a company will help show off the more human side of your resort and create a more meaningful and personal interaction which may give your guests an extra reason to book with you over your competitors.

To showcase what you believe in as a business, you can publish images tied into employee happiness, company awards and achievements and issues your guests feel passionate about (national and local charities, eco-friendliness, and community work, among others.) For example, you might post photos of your staff members successfully fundraising at your city’s annual marathon, or helping out at a local community project.

2. Let Your Audience Create Content For You

Encourage your guests to tell your property’s story for you by asking them to submit their own visual content. You can ask them to share photos of their favourite local hangout spots, images that represent their dream getaway, or even their own holiday snaps taken during their stay at your property. However you ask your guests to get involved, publishing audience-generated content on Facebook will help you build rapport with your audience.

Show you appreciate their contributions by sharing and tagging the images they submit. Your guests will be pleased to see you value their input, and will probably go on to mention it to their friends, colleagues and family, potentially getting your content seen by a much wider audience.

3. Leverage The Marketing Power Of Videos

As we’ve mentioned before, hotel marketing and video are a match made in heaven. The medium can be used to tell the story of your business and capture the experience of staying at your property in a way that even high quality images cannot match.

Whether you publish professionally produced video tours of your best facilities, quick tours of local attractions, or behind the scenes “day in the life of a hotel manager” type videos, the action on screen can show your audience exactly what you’re about and what they can look forward to when they book. As one of the most popular types of content with social media fans, posting an engaging video on a regular basis is also a reliable way to generate comments, likes and shares to get your content noticed by a bigger audience.

Maximising your use of high quality visuals to share your property’s story will strengthen your connection with your audience and add a new dimension to your social marketing mix.

How are you using visual content to engage your guests on social media? Let us know in the comments below!


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