Search Engine Optimisation

An effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is essential to make sure your guests can find your website quickly and easily. The eTourism SEO strategy focuses on prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This involves Search Engine Promotion, which is a combination of multiple on-page and off-page techniques.

An effective SEO strategy is a two step process but can be implemented individually. The first stage of the campaign focuses on on-page techniques. These include content creation and optimization, meta content, page names, titles etc. The second stage focuses on off-page techniques such as the creation of micro-websites and an inbound linking strategy.

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

On-page SEO involves the optimisation of each element of the website and includes Keyword Analysis, Keyword Optimisation, Alt Tag Optimisation, Content Creation and Meta Content Optimisation.

First, we'll conduct thorough search engine market research to find out the most popular keywords for your business and related topics. These keywords will form the basis of your entire marketing strategy and will be integrated into all areas of your website, including the title, meta content, directory structure, body content, links and menu.

We'll then build on this foundation by optimising the HTML design of your website to make sure its URL and directory structure contains the keywords we've selected. Every section of your website's content will be carefully optimised in accordance with keyword density guidelines, ensuring the content is keyword rich and gets noticed by the popular search engines.

As part of our SEO strategy we'll create a sitemap to ensure that the search engine spiders can index every HTML page within the website. This is essential to ensure an accurate reading of your website and subsequently higher ranking in search engines.

The final stage of the on-page optimisation process is effective optimisation of your website navigation, page names and directory structure. This is important because it's through your navigation that the search engine spiders are able to access all of your website's content. If needed, we'll restructure your whole website to make sure it's structured for search engine success.

Once this on-page optimisation process is complete, the eTourism team can get started on stage two of the campaign: off-page optimisation.

Off-Page Search Engine Marketing

Our off-page strategy is different to other marketing companies. We believe this is our strength and one of the main reasons for our success.

Our off-page strategies may include micro-websites, inbound linking strategies, blogs and social media sites, all individually tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Contact eTourism today for an obligation free evaluation of your website's search engine optimisation strategy. Or check out our blog post on Search Engine Optimisation for further information.