Hotel Reservation System

The eTourism Hotel Reservation System is designed to maximise guest bookings made directly through your hotel or resort’s official website. It is trusted by some of the biggest and most successful hotels and resorts across Australia and beyond to facilitate guest bookings and handle millions of dollars each year.

Whatever the size of your property, our easy to use online reservation system is guaranteed to get results. With a full range of features and benefits and a flexible pricing plan, we can individually tailor a Hotel Reservation System that’s just right for your property and perfectly in keeping with your brand.

A fast and reliable online reservation system should form the basis of any holiday accommodation’s resort marketing strategy online.

When you trust eTourism’s Hotel Reservation System, you enjoy the benefits of a clean, simple to use booking interface, which has been routinely tested to ensure it converts more web visitors into paying guests. Guests will be able to make a booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and thanks to our Direct PMS Connectivity you will never again miss out on an opportunity to fill all your available rooms. Our prices start at as little as $22 a month and depending on the services you require, you can choose between a monthly fee or commission based structure.

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