What Twitter's Visual Media Update Means For Your Resort

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Posted on Nov 12th 2013

Twitter has come a long way since the days when simply posting a few lines of text and a link to an image or blog post was the limit of its marketing capabilities. Perhaps in response to the soaring popularity of image-based social media, the site has recently rolled out an update that puts pictures and videos in all their glory front and centre in users’ feeds. Now where once they would have simply seen a link, users scrolling their feeds will be presented with a large, eye catching segment of the image being shared, leaving it up to them to decide whether to click through to see the full picture.

This makes the whole Twitter experience much richer and more visual, and also has a couple of major marketing benefits your resort should start using in your favour. 

Images Drive Guest Engagement

Tweets that contain images have always generated more retweets, even before this latest visual media update.

It makes sense that this behaviour trend will intensify now users don’t have to click anything to view images. After all, Twitter has always been the social network of choice for people on the move, and this update just made consuming content on the go even easier.

Upload enticing images of your resort’s best rooms, facilities and local beauty spots directly to Twitter to test the retweet rates for yourself. Even though a great image will do most of the talking for you, you should still include a few compelling words to target Twitter’s search engine.

Video Drives Guest Engagement

As with photos, videos from Twitter’s own video sharing network Vine will now be displayed in a preview window on users’ feeds, increasing the likelihood that this content will get watched and engaged with.

As well as creating virtual tours of your property and local area, one of the most effective ways to use Vine is as a customer service tool. Although you may not have the staff resources to do it every time, next time someone tweets you a question, try shooting them a Vine video response for ultimate personalised service Brownie points.

Have you adjusted your resort’s Twitter strategy to take advantage of these changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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