What Do Guests Look for When Choosing an Australian Hotel in 2024?

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Posted on Dec 20th 2023

A new year is coming, and you're excited to open the doors of your Australian hotel to domestic and international guests. But you're always wondering about how people shortlist hotels and how they zero in on the best ones. Is it the size of the rooms or the different amenities the hotel offers? Or it's the location that pulls people in.

Read this blog and find out how to improve your property and the services you offer.

What Tourists Look for in an Australian Hotel

1. Cleanliness

Hotel and resort managers play a pivotal role in curating an atmosphere of excellence, and a key aspect of this lies in maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of hospitality, it's crucial to recognize the profound impact that cleanliness has on guest satisfaction. 

A commitment to detail, from ensuring fresh linens and spotless towels to meticulous floor care, creates an environment that speaks volumes to our dedication. Prioritising the cleanliness and hygiene of commonly used items like glasses, toilets, and bathtubs contributes significantly to the overall guest experience.

Let's extend this dedication to public spaces, ensuring that lobbies and facilities are equally pristine. A unified effort in upholding these high standards will not only bolster your reputation but will also guarantee an exceptional stay for your valued guests.

2. Wide variety of room choices

People travel to the Gold Coast and other Queensland destinations for various reasons. For example, the Gold Coast and Tropical North Queensland receive hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers yearly. While Brisbane is also a popular choice among holidaymakers thanks to its different tourist attractions, we see more domestic travellers visiting family and friends here.

Queensland holidaymakers can range from solo travellers to couples to entire families. Then there are business travellers who, more often than not, only need a place to sleep in at night.

If you're planning to cater to different travellers, having different types of rooms makes sense. 

A studio apartment to make solo or business travellers feel right at home and a single-room apartment for couples on holiday together. If you're also catering to families or groups of friends, then multiple-room apartments are perfect for them. Highlight these room choices on your website to let prospective guests know that you have something they want.

3. Proximity to different tourist attractions

Location is still one of the top factors for holidaymakers considering an Australian hotel. Most guests looking to relax want direct access to the beach or at least near it. 

Luckily, most hotels in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast fit this bill. Many international and domestic travellers also want to visit theme parks, so hotels near Sea World Marine Park and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary can consider themselves lucky. 

But what if your hotel is far away from tourist attractions? Capitalise on what you have instead. Ensure you have all the amenities to make your guests' stay worthwhile. These include swimming pools, spas, barbecue areas, and fitness rooms.

You might also be nearer to train stations and other forms of public transport, which you can use to your advantage. Lastly, collaborate with a tour operator who can transport visitors from your hotel to several nearby tourist destinations and vice versa.

4. A quiet environment

A hotel or resort in a quiet location offers a retreat from the urban bustle, providing guests with undisturbed relaxation and a peaceful night's sleep. Surrounded by nature, these serene settings enhance the overall experience, fostering a connection with the environment. Beyond physical surroundings, the intimacy of quiet locations allows for personalised service, making each stay a rejuvenating escape.

5. Having a friendly and responsive staff

Imagine checking into an Australian hotel. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, and the amenities are world-class. However, the engagements with the staff are less than ideal. This can affect the overall guest experience and ratings. 

Today's guests like having a friendly and responsive hotel staff. Many are savvy enough to read online reviews and listen to word-of-mouth feedback from families and friends before booking a room in an Australian hotel. We recommend hiring competent yet empathetic staff to boost your property's presence and reputation online and offline.  

6. Hassle-free online booking system

The internet is awash with hotel booking nightmare stories, from complicated reservation systems to baiting and switching potential guests. Ensure your hotel in QLD stands out by providing potential guests with an honest, easy-to-navigate, and straightforward booking system.

eTourism can help if you still need a fantastic online reservation system. We specialise in creating hotel reservation systems that are upfront and easy to navigate. 

For example, we list down the types of Queensland accommodation you have available, giving prospective guests an idea of where they will be staying and allowing them to choose whichever suits their needs. Our system also lets guests view room prices, so there are no nasty surprises during checkout.

Our online reservation system provides an overview of the property and the room amenities included. We'll also include check-in instructions, car parking details, travel directions, and nearby attractions. Finally, we'll add information about your property to clarify things for your guests. 

7. Fantastic amenities

You might have the best-serviced apartments on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, but your accommodation is just one-half of the equation for many travellers. They also look at your hotel's amenities in case they want to stay in or when they've visited all the tourist attractions in the area.

Standard hotel facilities include swimming pools, gyms, barbecue areas, and spas. If you want to go above and beyond, add a sauna, a games room, or an outdoor tennis court. You can also add a secure kid's playground if you cater primarily to families.

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