The Five Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media

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Posted on Apr 16th 2014

Social media is constantly evolving, and as we all strive to keep pace, it’s inevitable that a few mistakes get made along the way.

With this in mind, here are five big social media blunders you might be guilty of, and how to avoid making them again.


Each social network has its own rules, and they’re getting more stringent about making sure brands follow them. Despite this, many marketers are guilty of not checking the terms of service, even on platforms we use every day. Did you know, for instance, that it’s against Facebook terms for brands to ask users to share posts in order to enter a contest? Failing to play by these rules could get your account suspended or evenly permanently banned, so avoid unnecessary trouble by studying up before you launch a new campaign.

The ‘Hit and run’ posting approach

One of the worst offenses you can commit on social media is what we like to call the ‘hit and run’ approach. In other words, taking time to craft an engaging post, then completely failing to drive re-engagement to maximise its marketing potential. Social media is so valuable because it opens up the lines of communication between you and your guests. If you’re failing to keep a conversation going, you can bet you’re also failing to stick in guests’ minds next time they’re searching for somewhere to stay online.


As marketers, we’re sometimes guilty of prioritising strategy above content. A prime example is a brand posting photos to Facebook simply because they stick around longer in the newsfeed, and not because they form part of a well thought out, cohesive content strategy. Likewise, you might have fallen into the habit of continually posting quizzes and games, simply because they’re ‘fun’, but without seriously considering how this type of content will strengthen your relationships with guests. Similarly, you shouldn’t be constantly asking your audience for Likes and comments unless you intend to put these insights to good use (to tailor and improve your campaign.)


Plastering your resort logo on every piece of content you produce isn’t building your brand, its making your social media campaign look like one big advert. And people don’t like adverts. Adding a subtle logo makes sense in some instances, particularly if you’re posting to a third party site where you won’t be the one doing the sharing, but if you’re in the habit of emblazoning every image on your Instagram feed with your property’s brand, it’s time to stop. Remember, your guests care about what their audience think of them just as much as you value their opinions of you. They don’t want to feel like they’ll be irritating their friends by sharing your content, so don’t give them an excuse not to engage.


Each platform is different, which means you need a different approach for driving engagement on each one. By failing to recognise this important fact and adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your social media campaign, you will ultimately bore your audience and drive them away elsewhere. Be prepared to run audits, routinely test and adapt your campaigns to make the unique strengths of each platform work for you. It requires more work, but ensures better results in the long run.

Are you guilty of any of these social media slipups? Let us know in the comments below!


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